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On Sale for May*
Escali Scales
Primo 11 lb Capacity Normally $39.95 Now $23.50
Alta 22 lb Capacity Normally $79.95 Now $44.95
All Ball Lock Quick Disconnects Barb and MFL NOW $3.95
All Pin Lock Quick Disconnects Barb and MFL NOW $3.95
Dual Gauge Beer Regulators 0-2000 and 0-60 NOW $38.95

Shipping is through USPS or FedEx. Exact shipping charge is what we charge you. No handling charges. We use the USPS priority flat rate boxes almost 90% of the time. If we can get the items into the smaller flat rate boxes, we save you money. The best part is that flat rate is sent worldwide even to Australia. Rates are listed at usps.com. Thank You

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